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Digital Technology as a tool/ medium of empowerment for young people


History is a constant witness of technology transcending issues in the context of poverty, economics, agriculture, environment and accordingly emerging as the dominant force in the lives of people worldwide. Over two billion are known to have access to the internet while over five billion have mobile phones at hand today and this being the world  in which the younger generation is growing up, where social media, online databases and mobile technology are frequently inherent to their regular communicating, learning and development procedures together with the increasing capability, affordability and adaptability allowing a multitude of the youth to connect to the broader world across national boundaries. Hence digital technology has become an enhancement medium for both children and young adults while it has increased various types of advocacy activities in which they engage, ameliorating their social community skills and improving the quality of participation in the process of addressing and building awareness over more internationally related issues together with the opportunity for them to establish an identity through the wider space it has offered for freedom of expression and innovation.

Digital technology is indeed a portal of empowerment with new avenues for millions of young people to create productive interrelationships and engage online, giving them the opportunity to unite and feel responsible by addressing worldwide issues and concerns, for example the active youth participation in questioning and creating solutions for the growing rate of youth un-employment, the global socioeconomic and political issues together with the racial tension created by US police brutality or for change in the Arab world.

These forums have facilitated the youth with the essential platform for implementing a revolutionary change. It has allowed them to build up partnerships and band together in discussing economic and social development along with poverty related issues with a variety of other unvoiced complications such as gender rights issues and bringing them to the forefront of the unaware public. Social networking platforms have created an all-inclusive space for creating dialogue and discussions among the younger generation allowing the youth to raise their views and suggestions and even question and criticize the conduct of authorities and thereby create the change they wish to see in the world. Technology has therefore not only improved community involvement and personal development, instead it has served as a powerful tool empowering youth to take a stand in international issues and to voice their views and thoughts which may lead to an effective approach to such issues.

Moreover, technology has been known to overcome the challenge of youth unemployment to a great extent. Technology now opens up innovative entrepreneurship opportunities for young adults through which university students, graduates, and the overall youth may create themselves an identity and gain economic freedom. Numerous career possibilities have been brought to light with the exposure of digital technology to the younger generation facilitating with more empowerment and motivation for active engagement. Digital technology not only helps the youth to create a global dialogue on social issues but also gives them empowerment in terms of economy, autonomy, self-independence and decision-making.

In addition to which, the education, knowledge, skills and expertise gained through digital technologies that are almost impossible from the daily school environment is also an empowerment for young adults to enhance their competencies and use them for innovative experiments intended for the betterment of the world in the health sector, educational and many others.

The younger generation, continuously found guilty of being  obsessed with digital and mobile devices  and of being inactive and uninvolved in the world, is in fact on closer observation, increasingly becoming the generation that is most active and engaged in international relations and advocacy activities, thanks to digital technology which has necessarily set the setting for faster and more effective participation enabling a higher degree of expression while articulating an individual standpoint in the international arena.



Hi All! I am Inoka Perera (it's written on top of my blog ;)) and am currently an undergraduate at the University of Colombo living in a uniquely distinctive country called Sri Lanka. I study English Literature, International Relations and IT. Added to this, I am a great French writer and a speaker and own a wonderful talent at writing appreciations and essays. Money, Money and Money! Since everyone seems to be in a rat race after money, I decided to start my own Freelancing career, which I've pursued for 3 years now and where I work as a French translator. However, I must highlight that this is only as an additional qualification and to keep my French updated :) Nice meeting you! Enjoy my blog and let me know if there's anything you'd like to share ! Thanks and Happy Reading!!

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